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Life Wheel

The Life Wheel

A simple, yet amazingly useful tool to help you understand your key areas of life. Discover where are you thriving and what areas of life need more attention?


Any time you feel frustrated, unbalanced, or just a bit “off,” the Life Wheel is a great quick tool to reflect upon.  More often than not your frustration will be the result of one or more of these key areas of life being neglected.  When we understand and are able to identify this it is quick and easy to address the issue allowing us to ’show-up’ for life feeling the way we choose rather than feeling unbalanced or frustrated and not knowing why. 

When scoring each area of life, the centre of the circle represents a low score of zero, the outside edge of the circle represents a high score of 10. Score each area of life as it feels to you when you look back from today over the last few months. The scoring should be quick and easy, just write down what feels right to you .

The example to the left may show someone who is very invested in their career and desires to have more time for themselves and their romantic relationship. 

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Discover what areas of life you are thriving in and what areas need more attention. 
Knowing where you are now and where you want to be in the future is the the first step to creating the balanced and fulfilling life you desire.