• Steven Brown

The Relationship is Never at Risk


This is a foundation rule for relationships.

When both partners know that there is 100% commitment to each-other and that no matter what the fight or challenge, the question of leaving/divorce/finding someone else, is never on the table. This removes the unspoken fear. Arguments can remain solely on the issue without escalating to feelings of stress about the relationship.

This allows both partners to feel safe with each-other regardless of the problem, knowing that the relationship is solid no matter what challenge arises. Challenges can become events that strengthen your bond, giving you knew skills and experience, not painful events that chip away at your relationship.

On the surface you may say, “we are married, till death do we part,” or “she knows I love her.” But the commitment needs to be reaffirmed to each-other regularly, especially around times of stress to give certainty and strength to the relationship.

This rule will become a pillar of strength for your relationship.

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